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OSB Team Members

If you are familiar with Oconee State Bank, you have probably heard us use the word remarkable- Experience Remarkable. But what we haven’t elaborated on much, is what it means to be remarkable. What does that mean? How can we be a remarkable organization? How can we be remarkable servants in the community? How do people describe remarkable characteristics? What about OSB is remarkable enough that we can be essential in the lives and communities we serve? 

That is where “remarkably -BLANK-” comes in. We wanted answers to these questions. We wanted to know what people consider to be remarkable, so we can make efforts, day in and day out, to provide remarkable experiences for our community, customers, and team members. So, we asked. 

Some of our team members told us what they find to be remarkable about OSB: 

Now, it is YOUR turn. Comment and tell us what you find remarkable about Oconee State Bank.

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