Some Things Never Change

Some Things Never Change

by: Candice Meeler, Assistant Financial Center Manager (Main Office)

After I was born, my parents brought me home to a house on Mars Hill Road that they rented from a co-worker.  That house is right down the road from the Bogart location of Oconee State Bank.

As a little girl in our home on Mars Hill, occasionally my parents would load up our bikes and we would head over to OSB.  They had a paved parking lot and that was much better for learning to ride your bike, than the dirt driveway we lived on.  So, as I began my career two years ago with OSB, at that very location, it brought back lots of fond memories.

There was a time when Mars Hill Road was simply a two lane road that connected Watkinsville to Highway 78.  Highway 316 didn’t exist in the early 80’s.  I recall Mr. and Mrs. Butler sitting on the front porch of their home at Butler’s Crossing during afternoon release at school and they would waive to the buses that went by.  There was no RiteAid, Publix, or McDonald’s to visit during those years.  There is however one institution that has been around during all that change and its Oconee State Bank.

For more than 58 years OSB has been an important part of the Oconee community.  They’ve been here to support our agricultural heritage, to support a blossoming art community, and to pave the way into a future Oconee County can continue to be proud of.  Change is hard, change is inevitable, but I’m proud to work for an institution that embraces change and supports a healthy future for the community we serve.  We want to help your family create memories that you can reflect on for years to come.  Come see us and let us help you experience Remarkable.

Candice Meeler

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