365 Days, 365 New Chances

365 Days, 365 New Chances

by: Madison Yarbrough, OSB Marketing Department

If you are anything like me, then you feel extra motivated from December 31st to, approximately, January 3rd every year.  You make plans to better your life: drink less coffee. Exercise every day. Meal prep healthy foods. Spend more time with your family. Save more money. Focus on self-care. Read more books. Learn a new skill. Make new friends. Basically, you get caught up in the idea that a new year is a new opportunity. And frankly, it probably hasn’t worked out for you yet.


Studies show that only 12% of people are actually successful at accomplishing their New Year’s Resolutions. There are many reasons for that. Here are the top eight reasons for failed resolutions, and some quick, motivational tips on how to combat them:


  1. You are treating a marathon like a sprint.

Slow down. Make a plan deductively. Establish your big goal, then find and place little goals along the way. If you take enough successful baby steps, you will be more likely to reach that end goal.

  1. You don’t believe in yourself.

Not acting, cripples you before you even begin. Don’t let last year’s resolution failure, or the past 5 year’s failures, make it hard to believe in yourself. Doubt is a voice in your head that will halt your motivation. Try harder this year. Be better this year. Focus this year. Attack this year. You’ve got this, but YOU have to believe in YOU!

  1. Too much thinking, not enough doing.

This is simple: thinking about doing it OR learning about doing it OR reading about doing it OR talking about doing it, IS NOT ACTUALLY DOING IT! Yes, knowledge and planning and conversing are great ways to prepare, but only you can realistically apply your new goals to your life. So do it… don’t just talk about doing it!

  1. You don’t enjoy the process.

Find a way to make your new resolution a lifestyle and not a checklist item. If you want to exercise more, maybe you join a tennis league instead of a gym. If you are trying to save money, maybe still shop, but at less expensive stores and less often. If you are trying to eat healthy, Pintrest healthy versions of the foods you love. Compromise with yourself, don’t punish yourself.  

  1. You are trying too hard.

There is no magic spell that is cast on January 1st that makes you not crave ice-cream, LOVE to run, or become a billionaire. So don’t try too hard to be a “new” person instantaneously. Don’t deprive yourself of food you love, just cut it down a notch. Don’t try to run 14 miles every day, maybe build up to that.  Don’t budget yourself to $5 a week of living funds… success comes with realism. Let’s be realistic here people!!

  1. You don’t track your progress.

No matter the resolution, people often are more successful when they feel like they have accomplished little victories. Track your workouts. Keep up with your bank statements. If you worked out 5 days this week and tracked it, you will feel more accomplished and motivated. If you see that you saved $500 this month, you will feel positive and excited.

  1. You have no social support.

So often people’s resolutions are not shared with their support systems, so they tend to feel very alone in the process. Post it on Facebook, text your mom, snap chat your friends. Not only will you have more social support, but your resolution will be known; therefore, holding you more accountable.

  1. You know your “what” but not your “why.”

You know what you want, but not why you want it. If you validate “the why”, then “the what” will become more achievable. I want to be healthier, so I can be a good role model for my children. I want to save my money, so I am more financially stable for my future. I want to talk to my grandma more, because she is family and deserves more attention. Developing “the why” behind your “what” will help the process be a success, because it now has meaning and context.


2019 is going to be a year to remember. As you embark on your new year and your new resolutions remember that there are 365 days, and 365 new chances. So if you mess up, it’s okay. Tomorrow is a new day, full of new opportunities to seize.


With much love from your biggest cheerleaders,

Oconee State Bank

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